Our Partner Roster

The following is a list of Abrev'd's partners and our extended network. Those toward the top, with pictures, are people we have either worked with extensively in one form or another over the years, or for some other reason we have become very close and trust deeply. They would be the human in metaphorical image selected. We would be the vigilant Frenchie. They take care of us, and our clients. They are our non-exclusive partners. Those further down, are those we know of, and come by recommendation or reputation, have been vetted, and would like to work with at some point, but have yet to do so, or they are a tremendous resource that we leverage regularly, but have not had the pleasure of meeting personally. Regardless of the categorization, all these names are listed here for you to contact directly, should you have any need of their expertise for your business.

Abrev'd is not in the business of hiding our partners behind some sort of resource wall, nor do we think there is anything to be gained by sharing in some sort of finder's fee. If a project we do together has need of their expertise they will be subcontracted, but if you need what they can do for you directly, then by all means, contact them directly. There is no pay wall here.