Let’s do more, with less.

First, let’s determine your needs.

There is virtually no limit to what we can do for you. Abbreviated Media is a creative services + talent agency hybrid company. Essentially we are a production company that produces, creative solutions. We combine art, technology, and talent. Whether you need branding, an ongoing ad campaign, a new website, a mind-blowing trade show booth, stand-out swag, or something entirely new to set your brand apart from the noise. We not only help you determine your needs and desires, and help you articulate them, we assemble a task force from our growing roster or expanded network to execute that plan for you.


Before we begin even the bidding process, we will work closely to discover, what your needs are at the core, to make sure that when we are discussing the project, we are speaking the same language, and considering the correct approach. We ask a lot of questions. We not only seek to understand your business, but to understand its place in the market, and where the project will fit in context.


Once we have an understanding of what the project should entail, we probe further to determine the ideal outcomes, as well as the minimum base-line of success. By having clear objectives, we can begin to come up with appropriate solutions.


Often there are off-the-shelf solutions, that can drastically reduce costs, but sometimes off-the-shelf solutions can be more trouble than they are worth. Sometimes speed-to-market needs are the driver, sometimes a custom solution is best, by the time we begin evaluation we should be able to propose a number of options to suit your needs, all at different price points and delivery estimations.

Second, we get to work.

This is when we go to work. By now we've signed an agreement, and we've made our promises. Now its our time to make sure we make good on those promises. We take your chosen path from the proposal, and begin making it a reality.


Once an option is chosen to proceed, planning begins in earnest. This is where required resources are determined, and prioritization of deliverables takes place. Resource availability is also taken into account at this point. Once an agreed upon plan is in place, a contract will be drafted up for signature.


Gathering resources on short projects is a one-time process of gathering all the human, hard and soft goods and services required for build, however on larger projects it is done in stages throughout the build process, so that personnel and other expenses are gathered and applied on an as-needed basis, to reduce costs, and increase efficiency, and reduce management complexity.


Sometimes assembly is really as simple as putting something together from discrete parts, and this is far more common than organizations are sold to believe. Sometimes there is need for bespoke construction, but if custom development or engineering are required, if done right, will dove-tail in with all the other pieces of the project. We strive for bricolage of tried and true components, methods, tools and services, as opposed to total invention. This approach reduces costs as well as surprise outcomes, and faults.

...and third,

We Deliver.


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